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Duckweed (Lemna spp.) 

Please note: Duckweed does not like current. This species is best suited for tanks with sponge filters, no filter tanks, and tanks with surface water that is protected from filter outlets and powerheads. Duckweed can experience shock from shipping, particularly during warm weather. When you first transplant Duckweed into your aquarium it will likely shed roots. For this reason, we recommend starting with a single portion per tank and letting them grow in. This minimizes root shedding. Roots will regrow quickly under the right conditions. If your delivered portion arrives in particularly rough shape please contact us for support.

Duckweed is one of the smallest flowering plants in the world. It's small and grows fast under most conditions. Once introduced into your aquarium it can be difficult to get rid of, though not impossible. In our opinion Duckweed is one of the best plants for maintaining a healthy aquarium because it is incredibly efficient at extracting excess nutrients from the water column. In fact, Duckweed is often used to clean polluted water bodies on an industrial scale. 

Our Duckweed is grown in house!


- This plant grows quickly in the correct conditions! Be prepared to remove excess plants on a regular basis. We recommend using a fish net to make removal quick and easy.

- Provide plenty of light and nutrients. It grows best when provided with sufficient quantities of both.

- Duckweed prefers relatively calm water. As such, it does best with filters that don't produce too much surface agitation.

- Some fish like to eat this species. We recommend keeping it in aquariums with smaller fish.  

Plant Characteristics:

Difficulty - Very Easy 

Fertilizers - Liquid fertilizer or high bioload recommended 

Light Requirements - Low to High (higher is better)

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