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Hydrocotyle Verticillata

Hydrocotyle Verticillata

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Hydrocotyle Verticillata

This species can be floated in aquariums and is an excellent choice for wet terrariums, paludariums, ripariums, and mini ponds where its leaves can grow at or above the waters surface. It is also very easy when grown as a houseplant in saturated soil. Depending on your setup this plant can stay small or grow quite large.

When grown fully underwater this plant is more difficult and will benefit from injected CO2 and high light. If you can master this plant submerged it has a very unique appearance resembling umbrellas or mushrooms. 

Our Hydrocotyle Verticillata is grown in house!

Photos shown are for illustration purposes only. Plants vary in size and look.


- Stems are fragile so make sure to handle with care. However, please note that if a leaf stem breaks the plant can recover. Plant as noted below.

- You'll receive five rooted nodes per portion. In aquariums plant by burying the roots and horizontal cut portion just barely under the substrate.

- This plant can also be grown with the leaves above water, floated, or in saturated soil as a houseplant. These strategies are much easier.

- Provide high light, nutrients, and CO2 for best results when grown fully submerged.

Plant Characteristics:

Difficulty - Difficult in aquariums (relatively easy when floated or grown in ripariums/paludariums/ponds with leaves above the water)

Fertilizers - Liquid fertilizer and nutrient rich substrate or root tabs recommended 

Light Requirements - Medium to High

CO2 - Recommended when planted submerged, not required if floated or grown with leaves above water.

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