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Lobelia Cardinalis

Lobelia Cardinalis

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Lobelia Cardinalis

This is an excellent choice for any aquascape, but is particularly beautiful in Dutch style scapes because it has a tendancy to form a bushy appearance when trimmed. Lobelia Cardinalis is native to the United States and in the wild can be a very large plant. The variant we have available is a dwarf variety which makes it suitable for aquariums. Typically this plant will yield a bright green color, but a deep red/purple can also show up with the right environment. Its growth rate is slow to medium.

As far as stems go, this species is relatively undemanding given that CO2 is not required (but always helps). A basic planted tank setup should give you success with this species provided you have medium light and nutrients available within the water column. We recommend providing a nice balanced liquid fertilizer and if possible a nutrient rich substrate or root tabs.

Our Lobelia Cardinalis is grown in house!

Photos shown are for illustration purposes only. Plants vary in size and look.


- Plant the roots and lower portion of the stem deep into the substrate so the roots can anchor into the substrate.

- Once anchored, cut the top to encourage a more bushy appearance, or let them grow taller for a different look.

- Whenever you cut this plant as mentioned above, make sure to replant the cut portions. This will allow you to propagate this species quickly! 

Plant Characteristics:

Difficulty - Medium

Fertilizers - Liquid fertilizer and nutrient rich substrate or root tabs recommended 

Light Requirements - Medium to High

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