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Rotala Ramosior Florida (New!)

Rotala Ramosior Florida (New!)

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Rotala Ramosior Florida

Rotala Ramosior is rare in the market! A native to the United States, this variety of Rotala is capable of producing purplish colors under the right conditions and it tends to grow more vertically than other Rotalas. CO2, nutrients, and relatively high light are suggested for this beautiful and unique species.

Our Rotala Ramosior "Florida" is grown in house! They are shipped as fresh cut stems.

Photos shown are for illustration purposes only. Plants vary in size and appearance.


- Plant by burying a few leaf nodes in the substrate.

- Periodically cut stems and replant to propagate, or let them grow taller for a different look.

- This is an advanced category plant. Provide high light, nutrients, and CO2 for best results.

Plant Characteristics:

Difficulty - Advanced 

Fertilizers - Liquid fertilizer and nutrient rich substrate or root tabs recommended 

Light Requirements - Medium to High

CO2 - Recommended 

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