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Salvinia Minima

Salvinia Minima

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Salvinia Minima
Please note: We understand that this species is prohibited in Texas. If you live in Texas please do not order this plant as we will have to cancel that portion of your order. 

A classic floating plant that grows fast and helps keep your aquarium water clean. Salvinia is an aquatic fern that will add a unique look to your aquarium. For best results with this species you will want to limit surface water agitation, provide nutrients within the water column, and provide medium to high light. One portion comes packaged in a 2oz container.


- This plant grows quickly in the correct conditions! Be prepared to remove excess plants on a regular basis. We recommend using a fish net to make removal quick and easy.

- Provide plenty of light and nutrients. It grows best when provided with sufficient quantities of both.

- Salvinia Minima prefers relatively calm water. As such, it does best with filters that don't produce too much surface agitation.

- Splashing, condensation, and other forms of moisture on the top of the leaves may increase incidence of mold and rot. Try to keep the top of the leaves dry to minimize these issues. 

Plant Characteristics:

Difficulty - Easy

Fertilizers - Liquid fertilizer recommended 

Light Requirements - Medium to High

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