How do you grow your plants?

All of our plants are grown in house.  This allows us to have full control over the quality of plants we offer for sale. If a plant doesn't meet our high quality expectations then we don't sell it.  Most of our plants are grown in an emersed state using both traditional techniques and semi-hydroponic systems.   

Do you convert your emersed plants before shipping them to the customer?

Typically we do not convert plants prior to shipment.  It is important to note that plants always have to adapt whenever moved from one tank to another, regardless of whether they were grown under water (submersed) or out of the water (emersed). It’s also important to start out with the healthiest plants possible. That’s why quality is a top priority for us. All of the species of plants we offer are easily converted from emersed to submersed if provided adequate tank parameters.

Are your plants snail free? 

At Aquarium Plant Lab our plants are strictly grown in our own indoor facility, in highly controlled small batches. New species stock is always rid of snails and rigorously quarantined before entering production. We guarantee our plants to be free of snails subject to our refund policy! You can review our refund policy by clicking here.

My plant melted what should I do? 

Most plants will melt to some degree when moved from one environmental condition to another, this is entirely normal. As a plant adapts to its new environment, older leaves may die back and be replaced with new leaves that are specifically adapted for its new environment. This is a good thing! 

Do you offer wholesale? 

We do not currently sell wholesale, however, we do offer a 15% OFF bulk discount on orders over $79.99 (FREE shipping included).

What are your return and refund policies? 

Our first priority is to make sure that you are satisfied with your order. You can view our return and refund policies by clicking here.

What is your shipping policy?

You can view our shipping policy by clicking here.