Warm Weather Information

Our local temperatures remain mild, however, several US locations are experiencing abnormally warm weather.

If temps in your area are reaching 90+ consider postponing your order, or proceed with the following precaution. The main thing you will want to do is follow the tracking of your order closely. Plan to have someone available to bring your package inside as soon as it is delivered. This is good practice regardless of temperatures but becomes extra important during warm weather periods. The biggest risk for plants during warm weather shipping is if your package sits in a hot mailbox or on your porch, particularly in the sun. Bringing the package indoors promptly mitigates this risk.

We wrap most plants in moist paper towels and seal them in zipper bags. This keeps them moist throughout shipping. We also ship all orders via USPS Priority Mail with tracking included. This gets your plants to you as fast as possible. All orders are covered by our 100% live arrival guarantee. Even when it’s hot (or cold)!