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Brazilian Pennywort (New!)

Brazilian Pennywort (New!)

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Brazilian Pennywort (Hydrocotyle leucocephala)

A unique and popular plant, Brazilian Pennywort is an excellent beginner plant that should give you success provided you have the basic requirements for aquarium plants. It can be grown floating or submerged. This species grows relatively fast and can provide lots of hiding places for fry. You'll find that it grows best under medium to high light with liquid aquarium plant fertilizer or quality nutrient rich planted tank substrate. 

This species is also a great choice for terrariums and ripariums where its roots are in moist substrate and its leaves are exposed to the air.

Our Brazilian Pennywort is grown in house!

You'll receive three rooted runners per portion. Photos shown are for illustration purposes only. Plants vary in size and look.


- You'll receive three rooted runners per portion. Each runner will have a few root/leaf nodes behind it. In aquariums plant by burying the the last node on the cut end in your substrate, let the runner end grow freely.

- This plant can also be grown as a floating plant. Or emersed in moist terrariums.

- Provide medium to high light and nutrients for best results.

Plant Characteristics:

Difficulty - Easy

Fertilizers - Liquid fertilizer and nutrient rich substrate or root tabs recommended 

Light Requirements - Medium to High

CO2 - Not required but will grow faster.


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