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Hydrocotyle Tripartita Japan

Hydrocotyle Tripartita Japan

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Hydrocotyle Tripartita Japan

Please note that this species is very delicate but is a vigorous grower once established. Plant as soon as possible to ensure best results. Should your portion(s) arrive in rough shape please contact us for support. 

If you're looking for a unique carpeting type plant this is an excellent option. With CO2 and high light Hydrocotyle Tripartita has the ability to develop a very dense carpet. It spreads via numerous runners (stolons) which trail across the substrate and web together over time. Although this species can typically be grown without CO2, it will tend to produce a taller thinner appearance which is less conducive to carpeting. 

One portion includes 10 runners. Photos shown are for illustration purposes only. Plants vary in size and appearance.


One portion is recommended to "seed" a 5 inch by 5 inch area of substrate. Plant each runner approximately 1.5" apart.

- Plant each runner by inserting two leaf nodes into the substrate and leaving two or three leaf nodes above the substrate.

- Periodically trim the plants low to stimulate lateral growth. 

- For carpeting provide high light, nutrients, and CO2 for best results. 

Plant Characteristics:

Difficulty - Medium

Fertilizers - Liquid fertilizer recommended 

Light Requirements - Medium to High (Higher for carpeting)

CO2 - Recommended for carpeting but not required

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