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Hygrophila Pinnatifida

Hygrophila Pinnatifida

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Hygrophila Pinnatifida

This species has become very popular over the last ten years. It has uniquely shaped leaves that can offer a nice contrast to most other aquarium plants. Hygrophila Pinnatifida is a species that can be planted in the substrate or attached to hardscape as you would other epiphytic species such as Java Fern or Anubias. Supplemental CO2 is not necessary but will increase growth rate. Red colors can be achieved under the right conditions. Nitrogen limitation, CO2 injection, and high light are a few factors that can affect red coloration with this species.

Our Hygrophila Pinnatifida is grown in house! They are shipped as rooted plants to give you a good shot at getting them established. 

Photos shown are for illustration purposes only. Plants vary in size and appearance.


- You'll receive one rooted plant per portion. Plant by burying the roots and a section of the stem in the substrate, runners can be attached to hardscape.

- Periodically cut the stem or runners and replant to propagate, or let them grow taller for a different look. 

- Experimenting with nitrogen limitation, CO2 injection, and high light can affect red coloration.

Plant Characteristics:

Difficulty - Medium

Fertilizers - Liquid fertilizer and nutrient rich substrate or root tabs when planted in the substrate. Liquid fertilizer when attached to hardscape.

Light Requirements - Medium to High

CO2 - Not required

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