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Java Fern

Java Fern

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Java Fern

Note: Our current crop consists of 3+ leaves on each rhizome. Leaves vary in size.

Java Fern Is an excellent plant that is suitable for beginners and experts alike.  This plant can be grown with plain gravel. We find that it prefers medium to high light. Provide a nice balanced liquid fertilizer and this plant should thrive for you. Don't throw away leaves!  Float them in your tank, they will produce plantlets from the spores on the underside of the leaves! 

Our Java Fern is grown in house. They have a beautiful dark green broad leaf. 

Always remember to plant the rhizome above the substrate.  This plant can also be grown on rocks or driftwood.

These plants are sold by the individual bare root rhizome. Photos shown are for illustration purposes only. Plants vary in size.

Plant Characteristics:

Difficulty - Easy 

Fertilizers - Liquid fertilizer recommended

Light Requirements - Medium to High

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