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Java Moss

Java Moss

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Java Moss 

Please note that Java Moss may contain small bits of brown moss and/or algae but is otherwise very healthy.

Java Moss is a staple in the aquarium hobby. It can be used as an easy carpet for low tech tanks, it can be attached to rocks or driftwood, or it can be floated. This species of moss is great for providing hiding spots for fish fry and is excellent at removing nitrates from the water column. While fertilizer is not a requirement for this plant, we would recommend periodic liquid fertilizer for best results. 

Our Java Moss is grown in house!

One portion comes packaged in a 2 oz container and is approximately the size of a golf ball. Photos shown are for illustration purposes only. 


- Attach Java Moss to driftwood using thread.  Over time the moss will attach itself and the thread can be removed. 

- The more you trim Java Moss the faster and more dense it will grow! 

Plant Characteristics:

Difficulty - Very Easy 

Fertilizers - Liquid fertilizer recommended

Light Requirements - Low to High 

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